>> Products Aircraft Stainless Steel Tubing Welded Drawn Seamless 300 Series 21-6-9 17-4 15-5 17-7


Grade Temper Specification
304 Annealed, 1/8HD AMS5564, AMS5565, AMS5566, AMS5560, AMS5567, MILT8504, MILT6845, MILT8506
321 Annealed, 1/8HD AMS5559, AMS5570, AMS5557, AMS5576, MILT8606, MILT8808, MILT6737, MILT8973
347 Annealed AMS5558, AMS5571, AMS5556, AMS5575, MILT8606, MILT8808, MILT6737
21-6-9 Annealed AMS5561, BMS7-185

Falcon Aerospace offers a  comprehensive selection of aircraft stainless steel tubing includes: welded, drawn and seamless stainless steel tubing. Browse our huge selection of aircraft stainless steel tube here or get in touch with a Falcon Aerospace sales consultant for a personalized quote on stainless steel aircraft tubing. We provide a large selection of the 300 series Stainless Steels as well as such grades as 21-6-9, 17-4, 15-5, and 17-7.