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Grade Specification
A-286 AMS5731, AMS5732, AMS5737
Alloy C AMS5750
Maraging (Grade 300) AMS6514
Alloy X AMS5754
Alloy 600 AMS5665
Alloy 625 AMS5666
Alloy 718 AMS5662
Alloy X-750 AMS5667
Waspaloy AMS5708, AMS5706
L-605 (Alloy 25) AMS5759
MP-159 AMS5842
MP-35N AMS5844
Aermet 100 AMS6532

Our vast selection of A-286 , ALLOY-C, MARAGING, ALLOY-X , ALLOY-600, ALLOY 625,ALLOY 718 but we also carry a great selection of high temperature  aircraft bar such as ALLOY X-750, WASPALLOY,L-605, MP-159, MP-35N AND AERMET 100 in a variety of additional specifications.  We also offer cut to length on our state of the art bar saws. Please review our selection of high temperature aircraft bars or please contact our professional sales staff for personalized attention and a quotation your next requirement.